Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007

Come On Ring Those Bells!

Ellie sang at church during our Christmas Service. She did a great job ringing her bell and singing. She actually knew all the words and was not intimidated by an auditorium full of people. She did a great job.

Ellie's Christmas Excitement

We love Nichole

Sometimes life is hard as a baby!

Tia Ale loves Nichole, and so does grandma Chachi.

The Extra Fun

We spent Christmas with my family. We were there for a week. Unfortunately, us Stumbos had the stomach flu. We are thankful that Nichole did not get sick. And then when we were all getting better, I got a sore throat and nasty cough.

Thanks mom!

Andy is so silly cuddling his new socks.

Stumbo Family

After spending time with my family, we came back to Charles City and Andy's family came to celebrate Christmas. From Montana, Ohio, Washington, and Taiiwan, it was good to be together. There were three new baby girls and also sickness. From stomach flu (again) to colds and coughs, but we had fun hanging out.

Grandma Stumbo loved holding her new babies.

Nichole's Baby Dedication

On Sunday Nichole and her cousins were dedicated to the Lord. It was special to have their grandpa Stumbo dedicate them. I feel like Andy and I were the ones dedicating ourselves to the Lord, that we will raise Nichole to know Him and love Him. That we will seek to be examples to her of what it is to follow the Lord. We know full well that the Lord has wonderful plans for the life of our sweet little girl, and we are looking forward to this wonderful journey.

Grandpa Stumbo tries to hold all three babies. Didn't go so well :)


Ellie, Mikayla, and Alyssa all love to sing. It was so sweet when all three of them started singing "Jesus loves me." How fun for them to be so close in age. They had fun together.

Ellie and Alyssa were great friends.

Grandma Stumbo got matching outfits for the older girls. Getting a picture of them all smiling and looking at the camera was hard, but really funny.

Grandpa and Grandma Stumbo with their 6 grandaugthers.

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