Thursday, June 13, 2013

Transitioning to Kindergarten

It feels as if the baby years are officially behind for my rascal. My "baby" will be transitioning into Kindergarten, and already we are celebrating some of the transitions, while trying to hold on a little bit longer in other ways. Yet, can we really hold on?

Preschool years are now behind us. This last year, Nichole had the most incredible teachers. She was in an inclusive classroom, with a regular teacher and a special education teacher. Her special ed teacher was...fantastic! She believed in Nichole, she saw her potential, and she loved her. She went above and beyond and was able to look at things from my perspective - the parent's perspective.

I received a note from her teacher and her aide, both of them expressing what a treat it was to have Nichole. They believed in her potential and really loved her. We were blessed to have them be a part of Nichole's life.

Nichole  is now attending summer school getting ready for Kindergarten. She loves it, and she really likes her teacher, so I feel like we will have a successful year. it also helps that her teacher is my friend and she knows my concerns with Nichole so well.

Another new development is that Nichole was recently diagnosed with speech Apraxia. While I wish I had pushed for this sooner, now we have pretty "tried and true" resources to work on her speech. It might sound crazy, but already I feel she is doing better.

And a celebration, we are done with pull-ups! One day we ran out of pull-ups and I got her in underwear. She was fine all day. She is a rascal, she had us, she conned us for who knows how long. So we are done! It is so nice not to worry about this anymore, and perfect to have her potty trained before starting Kindergarten. She finished preschool with big girl undies, and so far, no accidents at school!

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  1. What a cutie she is in that pic! Congrats to Nichole as she looks forward to kindergarten! She'll do great!


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