Monday, November 5, 2012

Adoption Rocks!

I once was lost...
But now I am found.
Adoption Rocks!

It seems amazing that Nina has been in our family for almost three years! This journey has been difficult,  oh how I have cried and how I have loved! It has been worth it, all of it. Even the really hard parts of the journey, they have all been worth it.

This little girl is a joy!

If you are considering, or have considered adoption, I have a ton of posts here about adoption, so go check them out!

If you are interested in what the journey was like during the process, we kept an adoption blog. I don't update it anymore, but I remember being in the process and wanting to know so much more about the families going through the process. What was it like? 

Adoption is an emotional journey, no doubt about it! But did I mention it is worth it?

If you read my last post, you know I have pretty strong feelings about the church and the orphan crisis. But I also know there are some real reasons why people are not able to adopt, or that keep them from making the commitment. These are not excuses, these are real, significant reasons why people don't step forward.

So I want to help you, and in turn, you can help me!

What keeps people from adopting?

What do you wish you knew about adoption?

What do you think are misconceptions about adoption?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and yes, adoption rocks!


  1. What keeps people from adopting?

    For us, we cannot adopt because we went through the international process and got matched with a "normal healthy" child who was not diagnosed on paper with the major problem this child had. We were not home study approved for this problem and despite getting all the professional help necessary, this child needed more than what could be obtained in a family setting. We knew it was the right choice to disrupt to get this child the help essentially needed, but now we cannot adopt again because of that. It is devastating.

    What do you wish you knew about adoption?

    Why does acting upon and putting the child's best interest at the forefront, black ball you from adopting in the future?

    What do you think are misconceptions about adoption?

    That there are 200 million orphans in this world that can be adopted. That agencies want to get families for children and therefore make it as smooth and fast as possible. That families get treated well during process. That transition is easy.

  2. Oh Ellen, I have such a huge heart for adoption, and we are praying about if God will lead us to be able to take this step in the future- a family of our size (8), our income, house size, etc. make this a daunting possibility for us. I know there are wonderful scholarships out there, but I believe you have to qualify first, and from what I can tell, God would have to do lots to make it a reality for our family... but God! He is greater and He is good, and if He wants this for our family (and some precious orphaned children), than He will provide a way! Maybe you could share a little about the requirements and if there are some that can be worked around. :)

  3. I wish people would realize that you can look outside of adopting a baby or young child. There are so many children in foster care who are older and need a family.


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