Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Short Post-Rhizotomy Update

It has been a while since I last updated! We had a great weekend at home and enjoying being together! After 2 crazy busy weeks in the hospital and traveling, we needed some time to be home and do nothing! Of course, doing nothing still meant that on Sunday Nina got to have a birthday celebration because she is now 5 years old. She is very excited to be as old as her big sister Ellie (post and pictures to come).

The last two days we have been driving to Mayo every day since we have not been able to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house. They are full! Yesterday we were 12 on the list and we really hope we are getting closer to being the next named called on the list.

As far as the rhizotomy goes, Nina is really doing fantastic! The difference in only 2 weeks is absolutely incredible.

A few people have asked where the incision is done for a rhizotomy. For Nina, it was higher than we thought it would be. For some reason, Andy and I always thought that it would be close to her waist, you know, since she is primarily affected from her waist down. However, the incision was done mid-back.

And, here is a video of Nina moving and flexing her feet! Pretty exciting stuff happening in this little girl's legs and she knows it! She can sit like a pretzel so well and she is gaining more and more strength in her legs and core muscles (abdomen and back muscles).


  1. Absolutely incredible!!!! I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

  2. That is so amazing! Happy Birthday Nina!!!

  3. That's amazing!! I can't wait to see her a year from now.

    Happy Birthday Nina!

  4. Hi Ellen ~ I've been meaning to stop by and tell you that I saw You and Nina on the news! I was SO excited. And, I cried. Both of you are Beautiful, by the way. I was so amazed at how well Nina is doing and was taken back to when you were in U, waiting to bring Nina home. I remember how we connected then and how I tried to encourage you during the times that were so difficult.
    I took some pictures of the TV and will email them to you, if you'd like them. I'm just so happy for her! And, even happier that you were able to go home! I'll be Praying that a room opens quickly at RMH. Give the girls a hug for me and tell Miss Nina "Happy Birthday"!! ~ Jo

  5. WOW. That is simply amazing. Really...I can't even imagine what Ben would be able to do if he feet could do that!

    By the way....it looks like an SDR might be in our not-too-distant future too...I'm starting to get hopeful and excited!


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