Thursday, May 7, 2009

Love the Affirmation!

I do not mind the fact that Nichole's development is slower compared to her typical peers. I have enjoyed her so much, I don't think I could say that enough. I think for this reason I rejoice in her accomplishments and all that she is able to do.

Therapy is a part of our lives with Nichole, and unfortunately we take from therapy as much as Nichole is willing to give or show during those times. I share with our therapists all that Nichole is able to do, yet, it might just happen that Nichole has no desire to show them too!

Today was different, as Nichole decided to show off wither her St (Speech Therapist) and OT (Occupational Therapist) they come from AEA (early Intervention) to our home so it is a more comfortable environment for Nichole. She decided to show off today and sign away. Now, when I tell them Nichole can sign...they know she can!

Both therapists are incredible and they are very supportive and encouraging. Last time the OT said she was very impressed with Nichole's gross motor skills and in general. One of them (our ST) happens to be one of my close friends (how awesome is that!) and she really has the gift of encouragement. After our session she called me to say (again) how well Nichole is doing. Not only did she brag about Nichole, but she encouraged me too.

It feels so good to have someone that knows you affirm you and say, "You are doing a good job mom!" Many times I wonder if I do enough for Nichole, could I do more? Not too long ago I was overwhelmed with how many appointments we were having and I cut some therapy, feeling guilty about it. Well, not today, I am doing a good job, the best job I can. What I do at home is more important that what happens during therapy sessions. Sure, those are very valuable, but if I did not work with her at home it would be almost pointless.

Thank you Amy for being such an encouragement! It means a lot!


  1. Way To Go! Nichole is doing great. Don't worry Eian does the same thing to his therapist. Our kids are hard headed.

  2. YAY! Good for you! I know what you mean about all of the therapies and feeling guilty. So glad that you have such a good friend that is also Nichole's therapist. You are blessed!

  3. That's awesome. Way to go, Nichole. John Michael hasn't felt like "showing off" lately to his therapists, either, so I'm hoping he'll surprise them next week. I love your outlook and share your thoughts on doing the best I can. The affirmations are nice to hear... Happy Mother's Day.


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