Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Pics

I have not updated for a while, it has been so busy, so I am just sharing some pics of the girls.

Ellie fell on her slide and busted her lip. She cried a lot and mom almost over reacted. Good thing daddy was around. She proudly displayed her owie and moved on with life no problem. She does have a scar now though and I wonder if it will be there to stay.

One of Nichole's favorite activities is to eat. We get great pictures of her when she is eating or just ate. She was really tired, but I just love all her expressions.


  1. Oh poor Ellie. Hope your life feels better. I love Nicholes smiles.

  2. Beautiful girls. Nice to see an update. Bummer about the lip!

  3. Hopefully you will get the afgan soon and then you will have TONS of oppurtunities to post pics!! I will send you an email update today!!

  4. Oh dear! Aleena just busted her lip for the first time this weekend at the playground. Her daddy was with her and he said it bled like crazy! But Aleena didn't let out a whimper! The bottom lip came out and that was it! HAve you noticed that Nichole has a high tolerance for pain? Aleena certainly does!

    Love those shots of Nichole! What a sweetie!! Such depths in those eyes.


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