Saturday, February 7, 2009

All Done

Last Monday we went to have Nichole's psychological evaluation. I was a little nervous about it, but it was not hard at all! The psychologist told me towards the end that Nichole was almost like a ten month old baby. Well, I would agree with that, I really would. How he got to that conclusion, well, that is a different story :)

There is a reason why there are so few psychologists willing to do these tests with babies or small children, now I know why. Instead of being frustrated or sad, I walked out laughing...a little. The MR label that was given to Nichole on Monday does not have the effect that I thought it would have. Probably because of her age, and the way the "test" was done. And this has more to do with the person performing the test.

We have this out of the way. Part of me does feel like rolling my eyes I wish I could go back and tell myself, "This is not a big deal!" But then again, in the journey of parenting, there are hard days, and there are times when things do get to us, and there are times when we struggle. It is part of being human.

Good thing God understands a mother's heart.


  1. I'm glad that that is behind you.

  2. Ellen, I am so glad that this is behind you and that you are feeling so much better about everything!


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