Wednesday, January 14, 2009


It is amazing how something so simple is so exciting.
If you have not seen our video from the previous post, you have to watch it!

It had been 7 months since Nichole had reached a milestone. Sure, she had been signing, and making sounds, even pulling to sitting on her own,but for a major gross motor skill, which is huge at this age, we had seen none for about 7 months since she started to sit unassisted.

It is so exciting! Do you know how awesome it is to see your child crawl? To know that they had to work so hard at it, that it took so much effort, but they finally did it! I am swelling with pride!

"Does she walk yet?" is a common question we hear. No, she does not, but man you should see her crawl!

The joy we take in each one of Nichole's accomplishments is not easily described with words. It is far greater than it was with Ellie. Not that we were not excited when Ellie reached milestones, but we expected them, and they came...easy. With Nichole, we do not know when she will be able to accomplish something, she does it, in her own time, and the results of the wait are so overwhelmed with joy, with pride, with cheers!

A baby with Down syndrome. It means her development is delayed, but it also means that our celebration is doubled, even tripled! It means that we take note of every single new step she takes, every new accomplishment. NOTHING, is taken for granted. We witness miracles, and we know it! How great is that!


  1. What a wonderful post!You made me teary eyed.

  2. Yay for Nichole!!! I just had a similar post regarding Lucy!! It is such a wonderful feeling when you know exactly how hard they work to do what they do!!!

  3. I love that she isn't just kind of crawling she is zooming! I'm so excited for you guys and with you :)

  4. I totally agree with you on the double & triple celebrations! John Michael has worked very hard at crawling since around Thanksgiving time and now is all over the house. Great job, Nichole!


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