Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Time

I have not posted for a very long time. It has been a crazy, busy, tiring couple of months and we are looking forward to getting back in a routine. Sadly, we do not have Internet at home right now, so I am not able to post pictures.
What has been happening so far?
Well, after two visits to Mayo, we are happy to say that Nichole has typical baby Reflux, and nothing more. We had been a little concerned because we know that sometimes children with Down syndrome can have GI problems. She will be taking some meds for a couple of months and then we will see if her "spitting up" is getting better.
Ellie is three years old now. She is a DRAMA QUEEN. She goes to preschool. She loves it, absolutely loves it!
Andy is starting seminary is just a few weeks, he is very excited. The other day he picked up an ancient looking book about Church History and was fascinated by it (yes, he was fascinated!). I get excited over fiction stories, not books printed in the 1800 years. He is definitely ready to do more studying.
I am excited to not be the MOPS Coordinator this year, instead, I get to plan our Creative Activities (just a fancy word for crafts).
Us in a few sentences. Soon we will have Internet at home, it is kind of a must when you have to go to seminary :) I will post vacation pictures, birthday pictures, family pictures, and post highlights of our "absent" time.

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  1. Marc Williams1:01 AM

    The way you are reacting to all of this really reveals your relationship with God. You have no idea how encouraging it is to read what you wrote and how it has affected. Especially when so many people would abort a kid like that....instead, you see her as a gift God has entrusted to you. Wow, what a way to see things. Thank you for trusting God and for openly sharing with the rest of us. Your witness really does help me in my relationship with God.


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